'Living the eternity ahead'

The starting point is probably these old papers that don't exist anymore. They are still blank and piling up in cupboards as if time never existed. Thanks to flea markets and the generosity of my suppliers, with more silver salts, they offer a variety of tones and textures that nowadays analogical papers would be pale of.

When in contact with my "infectious developer", they reveal themselves beautifully, and often, I think to myself; It's like wine, the older, the better - when I open a sleeve, I start by smelling it…

Lith development works a bit like myself. First nothing happens, you wonder if the paper has been enlightened on the emulsion side, then a pale spooky image appears slowly, but you still can't tell where you're going. When the first black spot arrives, it all starts rushing up exponentially. Obsessively, the infection spreads all over the paper as the image appears.

Finally you can see it, that idea you once had, this vibration you felt, this feeling of knowing something ; this metaphorical incarnation of life or was it the one before?

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